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What is Goosehead Insurance?


What is Goosehead Insurance?

Published June 12, 2023
Last Updated 6 months ago

History of Goosehead Insurance

Goosehead Insurance has been around since 2003 and was founded by a husband and wife team who shaped the way we think about insurance and opened the door to options. Robyn and Mark Jones, husband and wife founders of Goosehead, used their experience and expertise in real estate and business investments to form the foundation of insurance entrepreneurship for the agent and opened the window of possibilities to the consumer. Goosehead Insurance is one of the fastest growing independent insurance brokerages in the United States.

As an independent insurance agent for Goosehead Insurance, I have access to 140 insurance carriers to find the perfect fit for the consumer. Often, insurance agencies write with a single carrier and are captive to the rate and coverage that they can offer. Goosehead’s technology sets them apart from other independent agencies as they have far surpassed advances from years of building the nationwide company. Technological advances helps better suit the client with insurance searching through the 140 carriers to find the match that best fits their situation.

A common misconception is that Goosehead Insurance is the insurance carrier not the insurance company resulting in mistrust of the name itself. Goosehead Insurance sounds silly, but the name stands out because of it. The name is the company housing the 140 insurance carriers not the insurance carrier itself. As an independent insurance agent I find the best option or options available for the client’s needs and write a policy or policies with the one the client is best suited to that has partnered with Goosehead Insurance. We have all heard the commercials for Jake and Flo. We all know about Mayhem and the Quack Quack but those are all individual insurance companies and as an independent agent I have access to write policies with Miss. Flo or Mr. Mayhem if that is what fits the client’s budget.

Benefits of switching to Goosehead Insurance

Goosehead Insurance provides coverage in all 50 States and I am licensed in the State of North Carolina for homeowners insurance, landlord insurance, automobile insurance, boat insurance, RV insurance, motorcycle insurance, umbrella insurance, and rental insurance. The multitude of carriers that Goosehead has partnered with over this twenty year business provides me with numerous options to find the ideal coverage for the client and the technology Goosehead Insurance has keeps the client up to date on their policy so they have full access to it at all times.

The Goosehead difference embodies their slogan ‘Smarter Insurance. By Design’ with a policy a click away from the client with access to all the insurance carriers in their area. In coastal North Carolina the primary insurance carriers that I place clients with are Progressive, Travelers, Safeco, Allstate, National General, Homeowners of America, Universal Property and Casualty, Nationwide, Orion 180, SageSure, Neptune and North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association, Orchid, and Johnson and Johnson. Having access to multiple carriers to write all of the client’s insurance needs under one agency helps alleviate the stress of the client having to shop around each time their rate increases and as their agent I always take care of re-shopping any renewal that the client wishes!

Making the switch from a captive agency to an independent agency often saves the client money and time. Over the past couple of years building materials have drastically increased in price and the cost to rebuild a home, in the event of a total loss, no longer is the same as it was. Far to often I have seen clients coming from a captive agency with policies in place severely underinsuring their home and if they were to have a total loss of their home in today’s market would be in for a rude awakening that they would not be able to restore their home to what it was. As an independent agent with Goosehead Insurance I make sure that all my clients have up to date policies reflecting not only the current market conditions, in regard to their rebuild, but also all standards in place that take into account the losses that could occur. As a native to coastal North Carolina, and a mother to four young children, I know exactly what the coastal elements can do to a home, auto, boat, RV, and motorcycle and find the best coverage to fit the client’s needs perfectly saving them time and money. Reach out today if you are ready to make the switch to an agent that not only cares about your house but cares about those that make the house a home!


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